Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset is Reportedly Accepting Payments And Sign-Ins via Iris Scanning

October 17, 2022
Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Iris Scanning
Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Iris Scanning

Apple’s long-rumored AR/VR headset could have some extra features. According to some tipsters of a reliable source, the mixed reality hardware will use iris scanning to sign in and make payments. The tipsters said, this would make it easier to purchase apps and could even simplify multi-user support. Apple has declined to comment, but SensoMotorics, the maker of eye-tracking glasses, was reportedly purchased by Apple in 2017 with the headset in mind. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, also stated in 2021 that Primax would supply the eye tracking modules, which would support iris detection.

The headset may also have some advantages over Meta’s recently released Quest Pro. Two of the previously claimed 14 cameras will allegedly track your legs, giving it a leg up on the 10-camera Meta device (which does not have leg-focused cams). The combination of aluminum, fabric, and glass in the goggle-like design is also said to be lighter than the 1.6-pound Quest Pro, though the tipsters did not specify by how much.

Previous rumors suggested that other premium features, such as very high-resolution displays, detailed face expression tracking, and even the ability to magnetically clip on custom prescription lenses, would be included. Although the headset may be powered by the M2 chip found in recent Macs, it may use a low display refresh rate to extend battery life at the expense of a more natural-feeling experience.

Several reported leaks have pointed to a 2023 release date for the headset. The question is whether the final product will be available. A price tag of up to $3,000 has been floated in more than one rumor. You’d get more features than the $1,500 Quest Pro, but you’d also have to pay for them. Even more than with Meta’s hardware, the initial Apple headset’s pricing may limit its audience to developers and other professional creators.

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