Consider These 5 Things While Choosing a Website Name for Your Business!

March 9, 2021
Things to consider While Choosing a Website Name for Your Business!

Trying to settle on a website name? It’s one of the most important decisions you must make when designing a site. Given your website is one of the most important advertisements for your work, it can feel like an enormous decision. Your website enables you to display your portfolio, and also project your style and approach to your work. Plus, it makes it easy for potential clients to succeed in reaching out to you.

The right name will get you noticed, make sure you appear higher in web searches, and provide you with a competitive edge over other creatives in your discipline. Read on to find out the way to select the simplest name for your site and boost visitors – and potential clients too.

1. Represent your brand

When looking for a website name you ought to remember that your work is your brand, and your website name should reflect this. If you’re new to the industry you can consider specifying your specific sector in the name. For instance, for a design company, it’d be beneficial to incorporate a word like illustration, design, animation, or photography within the title.

2. Check your competition

To check the websites of your competitors, type the service you offer into Google and take a glance at the key leads to the rankings. This step will enable you to work out which of your competitors are ranking highly and can also offer you some inspiration for your name too.

3. Use SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a necessary and critical tool for driving visitors to your website. If you spend time optimising your website, it’ll rank higher in Google searches and showcase your work to more potential clients. Keywords are the foremost important consideration when it involves choosing a website name. More SEO tactics are often deployed within the body of your site, but your name should be targeted to keywords in your sector.

4. Short and sweet

Even though a creatively named website might make your brand stand out, you do not want it to be complicated or hard to spell. Avoid made-up words and include more familiar terms that a visitor won’t have trouble typing into an address bar or maybe remembering it in the first place. Another tip is to avoid making your name too long. Try to keep the text below the 14-character mark. It is best practice to make it as short as you can. 

5.Test it on colleagues and friends

When you do find a winner, test it out on friends and colleagues to ascertain their reception. you will probably be cursed with your decision for the foreseeable future, as changing the name of your website after people become aware of it is a really bad idea – to confirm that you’re certain about the name you select.

Finally, when you’ve picked a winner, just go ahead and register your name and start building your website. If website design isn’t your forte, then we’d suggest choosing a competent website builder. With a well-thought-out website name, you will be one step closer to getting your brand or business noticed by your customers.

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