YouTube Premium Membership Experiment To Play 4K Videos and How It Ended

October 18, 2022
YouTube Ends 4K Video Premium Subscription Experiment
YouTube Ends 4K Video Premium Subscription Experiment

An experiment that required YouTube Premium was brought by the company. According to a credible source, users on Reddit and Twitter have observed that YouTube is requesting that certain viewers upgrade to Premium to watch videos in 4K resolution. It’s unclear which nations, devices, or films are affected, but if you were looking for more than 1440p on your computer or tablet, this would be disappointing.

It is unclear whether this is a test or a wider deployment. YouTube has yet to respond with a statement. 

On paper, tying 4K content to YouTube Premium might increase sign-ups and make it a more lucrative income stream for Google.

But now, those who were concerned about the same can be relieved. For the time being. YouTube said on Twitter that it has “fully turned off” the experiment that required users to subscribe to a Premium membership to play 4K videos. Users began complaining on popular social networks when they entered the drop-down menu for resolution selections, the term “Premium” appeared directly next to 4K/2160p. However, not everyone was required to have a Premium subscription to play 4K films, indicating that it was an experimental function made available to a small number of people.

It’s unknown why YouTube chose to terminate the trial, but as a credible source points out, it received a lot of negative comments. Users were naturally upset when they were asked to pay $12 per month or $120 per year to watch films in the best definition offered on the website. Those who weren’t a part of the trial were worried that it would spread and become a permanent “perk” for Premium users.
YouTube did not indicate whether the notion of locking 4K content behind a Premium membership is being abandoned permanently. YouTube urged viewers to offer feedback on the experiment in a tweet posted in Japanese, which might help the company determine how to proceed.

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