Samsung Electronics and Google Partner to Elevate Smart Home Experiences

October 13, 2022
Samsung Google Partnership
Samsung Google Partnership

Samsung Electronics and Google announced a new partnership that will enable easier setup for Matter-enabled devices on both Samsung SmartThings and Google Home systems. The partnership is predicted to make smart home interoperability to the next level.

At the Samsung Developer Conference held in San Fransisco, the Korean tech giant said that it will update its SmartThings app in the coming months so that users can onboard Matter-enabled devices even if they are set up in Google’s ecosystem and vice versa.

The announcement comes one month ahead of the grand launch of ‘Matter’ — the interoperability protocol that will bring smart devices from different brands under a single umbrella of control. The core idea behind multi-admin support is that a universal talking language (Matter) for smart home devices, should work with all smart home apps out there irrespective of the brand. The goal is to end the fragmentation and compatibility limitations, enabling users to link their smart home device with a smart home app, irrespective of their brands. The only pre-requisite is that both brands should be a member of the Matter consortium.

In this case, Samsung and Google are taking advantage of Matter’s multi-admin feature to connect the SmartThings ecosystem with the Google Home portfolio. The multi-admin feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks for compatible Google and Samsung devices. Samsung says its line-up of Galaxy phones and tablets will let users effortlessly set up — and control — SmartThings and Google Home ecosystem gadgets in their homes.

Matter is an open-source innovation that has been in development for years. Currently, there are around 300 companies — including giants like Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Comcast — that have vowed to support and embrace Matter. Some brands like Philips and Ikea have promised to update their existing devices with Matter support, while others will launch new Matter-ready devices in the coming months. Last week the Connectivity Standards Alliance, the consortium behind Matter, officially approved the first set of specifications so developers can apply for certification for their solutions.

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