Zoom Launching Email and Calendar Tools in a Bid to Expand the Platform

November 8, 2022
Zoom Launching Email and Calendar Tools
Zoom Launching Email and Calendar Tools

Zoom was the go-to video meeting application for people stuck at home during the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. Following the sky-high growth of the video chat platform during FY 2021, the company is now registering a stable growth chart. Acknowledging the fact that they can no longer just rely on online meeting software, Zoom is now looking to branch out beyond its core meeting service. In addition to expanding the meeting platform into areas like whiteboarding, over the last couple of years, they have been moving to other domains like contact center, sales intelligence, and phone.

To push that concept even further, as part of the Zoomtopia conference held this week, the video call giant announced the launch of its email and calendar tools in beta. Users will now be able to access email services such as Outlook and Gmail inside the Zoom app. Additionally, Zoom will also offer its own email service with an end-to-end encrypted messaging option between Zoom email users.

Cari Dick, a Zoom senior product marketing manager, said in a briefing to reporters that the goal is to eliminate the “toggle tax” that comes from switching between apps hundreds of times per day.

Other announcements

The email and calendar aren’t the only announcements Zoom is making this week. The company is also announcing Zoom Spots, which is a water cooler kind of experience where people can drop in for a few minutes, have a spontaneous conversation, and leave. It is almost like Slack Huddles, which Slack introduced last year for a similar kind of quick chat.

“We are introducing a new service called Zoom Spots, which is essentially a persistent video where you can look around, see who’s there and you can join these conversations and you don’t have to schedule meetings. And it’s a pretty interesting concept to support hybrid work,” Company founder and CEO Eric Yuan said.

The company is also introducing a couple of other tools outside the pure meeting sphere including a customer service chatbot for its contact center service. It is also introducing a new sales intelligence tool, which acts as a virtual coach for sales teams, simulating various sales situations. The latter is part of the Zoom IQ for Sales toolkit announced earlier this year.

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