Facebook Collab App to Compete with TikTok

May 19, 2020
Collab App

Facebook launches ‘Collab’ app – a collaborative music video app launched as a direct competitor to TikTok, a most popular video-sharing social networking service. 

FB has released the app on iOS as an invite-only-beta. The Collab app enables users to create 3 short videos using different music instruments and combine them. Three people can plate different parts of a song and merge as a single video. Each video can be posted to a public ‘Collab’ feed making it available for others also to view it. They can choose to play along with it. 

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team is behind this exciting and experimental TikTok-inspired music app. FB says that they have designed the Collab app to help people “unlock creative superpowers” amid the coronavirus lockdown. 

Collab is similar to TikTOk in many aspects. Users can shoot videos and easily sync it with existing videos of other users. This helps in creating a perfect harmony. There are some features that make it different from its competitor.  Collab users here can concurrently sync three videos in landscape mode. This is limited to two vertical videos on TikTok. Collab also allows users to use other shared videos by collaging, which was limited to duet in TikTok.

Users can share the video on Instagram, Facebook Stories, and other social sharing platforms with a few taps.

 Presently available only as an invite-only beta, people can sign up on the NPE website to access it. Facebook has announced that it will be opening up invites in batches, starting with users in the US and Canada.

Collab isn’t NPE’s first go in this field. The company launched the Lasso app in 2018 – a TikTok clone that allowed users to shoot up to 15-second long videos and songs.

Collab can be a great option for music lovers with no prior musical experience. You can creatively make 3 Collabs, three independent videos that are playing in sync. What it all takes is swiping and discovering an arrangement to create your own musical masterpiece!

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