YouTube’s New Feature Lets You Add ‘Notes’ Below Videos

June 28, 2024
YouTube Notes feature
YouTube Notes feature

YouTube is gearing up to unveil an experimental new feature allowing users to add ‘notes’ beneath videos, according to the company. This feature is expected to function similarly to the Community Notes feature on X (formerly Twitter). By integrating this feature, YouTube seeks to enhance the context of its content, helping users identify parodies or outdated videos taken out of context—an effort to tackle misinformation. 

In a blog post, the video-streaming platform announced its intention to provide easy-to-understand context on videos with the inclusion of notes. These notes could clarify when a song is meant to be a parody, highlight the availability of a new version of a reviewed product, or inform viewers when an older video is mistakenly presented as a current event. 

In the US, the feature is being released as an experimental pilot project in English. A notification through the Creator Studio or an email invitation will be sent to eligible contributors so they can test it out before the official release. YouTube has outlined that users will encounter a new “Add note” option below the video, with the feature set to function akin to X’s Community Notes. They can then use the textbox to provide additional context and click “Send.” The published note will remain anonymous, with the creator’s name not displayed.

As part of YouTube’s efforts to train its systems, the notes will be reviewed by additional third-party evaluators once it has been submitted, the company added. There will be three choices: helpful, somewhat helpful, and unhelpful. Next, the notes to be published will be decided by a bridging-based algorithm. A note that has received many helpful ratings will appear beneath a video.YouTube has indicated that once the project moves beyond the pilot stage, contributors will be able to rate notes as well.

To ensure the note is deemed helpful, users should add citations, use high-quality sources, and directly address the claims made. Additionally, employing neutral and easy-to-understand language can enhance the note’s effectiveness. Get ready to add a new layer of insight to your YouTube experience with the upcoming ‘Notes’ feature—coming soon to enhance how you engage with videos like never before!

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