YouTube Is Testing an AI Feature That Lets Creators Generate Backgrounds

June 21, 2024
YouTube Is Testing an AI Feature That Lets Creators Generate Backgrounds
YouTube Is Testing an AI Feature That Lets Creators Generate Backgrounds

YouTube is reportedly testing a new AI feature. The streaming giant updated its test features and experiments page to announce that it is testing out a new feature called Dream Screen. 

Made for YouTube Shorts creators, the feature includes a virtual green screen background, and it allows content creators to generate an AI background by simply typing it into the tool. Although it’s not stated clearly in the blog post, it appears that the AI-generated backgrounds could be both animations and static images.

“If you want the background of your next Short to be an enchanted rainbow flower forest or a fancy hotel pool on a tropical island, you would type “enchanted rainbow flower forest” or “fancy hotel pool on a tropical island” into the tool and watch your imagination come to life,” reads the support page.

Now, YouTube is no stranger to AI. The video platform has tested several other AI features like AI-generated video summaries, AI that summarizes the common observations made by people in the comments section, and more. The company also announced guidelines that will require creators to label their AI content as synthetic. 

However, this feature works to eliminate the need for editing expertise, helping small creators save money on purchasing an actual green screen. Notably, the feature only supports English prompts and is currently being rolled out to a limited number of Shorts creators. According to Google, more creators may be able to access this feature late this year. 

This isn’t the first time YouTube has dabbled in green screen-based features. Green screens created via images were first introduced to the platform in 2022. Initially, you could set a picture or video from your gallery to serve as your Short’s background. However, the recently added Dream Screen function only advances the tool further by enabling users to produce images right within the app.

How can you see if this feature is available to you? Go to YouTube’s Create page and select the green screen option from the menu that appears to the right to see if you have access to the new feature. If you do, you will see a star logo at the bottom.

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