YouTube is Testing AI Chat Summaries for Shorts and QR Codes

June 25, 2024
AI Chat Summaries
YouTube AI Chat Summaries

YouTube has revealed that it is testing two new features – AI-generated live chat summaries and channel QR codes – with select testers. 

For the time being, the experimental feature will only be accessible on a small selection of Shorts by specific creators through YouTube’s iOS and Android apps. How does the feature work? Based on user-generated comments, the AI tool groups the comment section into popular topics. Notably, YouTube is also testing Dream Screen for Shorts, an AI-powered green screen image generation tool.

“To help you understand and participate in conversations on YouTube, we’re testing a feature that uses AI to organize large comment sections on English-language Shorts into easily digestible themes,” YouTube said on its support page

If creators would like to eliminate any topic, they will need to remove each individual comment that is listed under that particular topic. YouTube went on to clarify that the AI will not take into account comments that are held for review, contain prohibited words, or come from blocked users. It will only use published comments to thematically align them.

These topics are visible on the mobile app for long-format videos as well. After a user submits a comment, it gets sorted into different topics. Clicking on the various labeled topics on the new ‘Topics’ tab that appears at the top of the section displays them. Every topic displays all of the related comments, making it simple for users to find and join engaging discussions.

The video giant has also released an additional experimental feature that allows creators to use QR codes to share their channels.

Creators can generate QR codes by navigating to the ‘You’ tab and selecting Share your channel > QR code from the bottom menu. The QR codes can be scanned both offline and online. Conversely, users can access a creator’s QR code by selecting Share > QR Code from the three-dot menu on their channel page. YouTube plans to make the feature available to more users in the future. Snapchat and Instagram are two popular social media sites that currently allow users to share their profiles using QR codes.

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