WhatsApp’s New Feature for Its Android App:  Chat Transfer

January 9, 2023
WhatsApp’s New Feature for Its Android App: Chat Transfer
WhatsApp’s New Feature for Its Android App: Chat Transfer

Switch to a new device without using Google Drive! WhatsApp is developing a feature called Chat Transfer for its Android app. Here is an overview of the available information, provided at this time.

  • The feature will allow users to switch devices without a backup.
  • It is being developed for WhatsApp’s Android app.

WhatsApp is a well-known messaging app that frequently releases updates with new features. A recent report by a trustworthy source indicates that the company is currently developing a feature that will allow users to easily transition their accounts to a different device.

According to the report, the company is working on a feature called “Chat Transfer” that will allow users to move their data from one Android device to another without the need to first back up their chats on Google Drive.

 The process of transferring chat data to a new Android device using the “Chat Transfer” feature will be straightforward. Once the feature becomes available, users will need to download and install WhatsApp on their new phone, open the app, and scan a QR code to transfer their chat history to the new device.

It is unclear exactly how the “Chat Transfer” feature will deploy in the background, but it is likely that it will use a local network connection to transfer data directly from one device to another, bypassing the need for an intermediate storage platform like Google Drive. The process is expected to be similar to transferring photos from a smartphone to an external hard disk without first saving them to a laptop. Both the smartphone and hard disk should be connected to the laptop for the transfer to occur.

The “Chat Transfer” feature is currently being developed for WhatsApp’s Android app and there is no information on when it will be released. It is possible that the feature may also be developed for WhatsApp’s iOS app in the future.

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