Quitting Twitter Is Easier With These Free Tools for Archiving

December 20, 2022
Qutting twitter is easier with these free tools for archiving
Qutting twitter is easier with these free tools for archiving

It’s always better to back up the data of your social media accounts. When it comes to Twitter users,  this has become urgent compared to usual scenarios. Twitter is becoming unpredictable with mass firing, resignations, whiplash policy changes, and crippled infrastructure. The stability of Twitter seems to be quite unsure in the distant future.  That definitely calls for archiving your data for the succession. 

Currently, Twitter’s long-offered tool for archiving account data allows you to copy your data in a machine-readable format. While this format is only portable to selected few other services. However, this tool works well for simple backups. But archives created by the tool aren’t user-friendly. 

Organizing a myriad of tweets isn’t easy and there isn’t an unambiguous way to do it quickly.  For instance, an archive might contain different archives within it, for specific types of tweets and embedded media.

People who want to employ more control over their Twitter archives can use these freely available tools provided by the open-source community. Non-developers may not find these tools easy to use.

Meet the free tools for archiving 

Twitter Archive Parser

Twitter Archive Parser helps you to manage and view Twitter archives. This tool aims to fix/work around some of the grievous flaws in the Twitter archiving system. It converts tweets and even direct messages into markdowns. Archives by this tool are in markup language supported by most content management systems and editors and also HTML – inclusive with embedded images, videos, and links.

Twitter Archive Browser

If you are looking for an organized archive that you can browse easily, Twitter Archiver Browser is the tool you should check out. This tool provides a more user-friendly archive viewing experience. It displays your entire Twitter timeline from your very first Tweet to the latest tweet. And helps you to browse direct message records offline. 

Twitter Archive Browser comes in handy for bulk-deleting tweets in an archive. It can auto-delete tweets in a specific timeframe or contain specific keywords. This tool will stay completely functional even after you delete your Twitter account. It will show any media you’ve uploaded including images and videos.


Taupe stands as a loose acronym for Twitter archiver URL Parser. It extracts URLs of your tweets, retweets, replies,  quote tweets, and “likes” from a personal Twitter archive. Archives are given in a spreadsheet format that can be used by other software and services, such as  Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

It’s one of the simplest ways to quickly convert historical Twitter data into a more usable format.

It provides you with a self-descriptive Export your Twitter Bookmarks tool. This will save all your Twitter bookmarks. It includes photos and videos and fully expanded URLs attached to tweets — in a markdown file. 

Twitter archive format for “likes” doesn’t contain a timestamp. Thus Taupe can’t know or show exactly when individual tweets were liked. And this is the limitation of Taupe.

Twitter Cleaner

It’s always a hassle when it comes to deleting tweets. Twitter Cleaner automatically deletes tweets, retweets, and favorites from an archive. With a Twitter developer account, you can also remove entries from an active timeline

Twitter Photo Downloader

Twitter Photo Downloader creates a local database after processing your Twitter archive.

This database will contain all your photos. The tool will even work for image galleries and photos from retweets, but it doesn’t work not for videos and GIFs. Individual tweets in an archive are converted into PDFs for storage purposes by this tool.


Alright, these are the open-source tools so far we’ve found for managing Twitter archives. 

Now you can archive data on Twitter like a piece of cake. 
Note Any tool that accesses Twitter’s API needs keys from a Twitter Developer account. So only provide tools’ access to your account to people whom you trust well.

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