All the New AI Features Announced by Apple at WWDC 2024

June 14, 2024
Apple at WWDC 2024
Apple WWDC 2024

Apple’s long-awaited WWDC event has finally taken place, and here are the new AI features that were announced. For starters, Apple is all set to embrace AI, thus confirming the speculations. The company has come out with Apple Intelligence, which will introduce “incredibly useful, personal, and relevant” Generative AI (GenAI) features into iPhone, iPad, and Mac. 

What is Apple Intelligence? It is a collection of artificial intelligence functions that perceive what users say, write, and do on their devices by using on-device processing and a large language model that runs in the background.

Apple’s AI can help you write emails, reports, and private text messages. Apple Intelligence offers sophisticated writing tools that can produce entire emails or messages or analyze your writing to modify the tone of a professional email. It can also generate images inside messages that match the context of the conversation you are having.

If you happen to leave a lively group chat for a while, Apple’s AI is equipped with summarizing features that allow you to quickly catch up. It can also help users scan articles online. Not to mention, AI-powered summarization is a feature that has been released by all the big names in AI as well.

Additionally, iOS is receiving a few new features as a result of Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI. The primary feature is that ChatGPT, powered by GPT-4o, will handle certain Siri commands and generative text requests.

Siri is also better and smarter than ever, having been upgraded with contextual awareness capabilities that let it decipher user intent and answer complex queries. 

The photos app is also getting a much-needed upgrade and will allow users to remove unwanted elements from their pictures and organize their photos more intuitively with Apple Intelligence.

Apple is also using its AI capabilities to introduce a feature called “Genmoji” that will let users modify existing emojis or generate unique ones with a few prompts.

With “Enhanced Customizability” being the key theme of the WWDC keynote, Apple also demonstrated how to better organize your apps on the screen, classify them, and manage app access. 

The suite of Apple’s AI features will be available later this year, with the release of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15, but not for everyone. These features will only work on models with the A17 Pro chip, which only includes the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max as of now. iPad and Mac devices powered by the M1 chip and later will also be compatible.

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