LinkedIn’s Focused Inbox Filters Spammy DMs So You Never Have To

December 5, 2022
LinkedIn's Focused Inbox
LinkedIn's Focused Inbox

Your LinkedIn experience, every time you access the site, your inbox maye swamped with messages. Many are not worth reading, but a handful always offer new job prospects and the opportunity to work with intriguing individuals.

LinkedIn wishes to make it easy to locate those messages. The social network is launching a new feature called Focused Inbox today. It categorizes your inbox into two sections: “Focused” and “Other.” Then, a machine learning system will do its best to identify messages containing the most relevant outreach to you and move them to the front of the Focused tab. If you don’t like the new interface, you may revert to the old one at any time.

 LinkedIn hopes that the feature would make users more productive. The Focused Inbox arrives as the business claims that more of its customers are using its instant messaging tool to interact. LinkedIn reports a 20% rise in these sorts of talks in the previous year.

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