Google’s AI Chatbot Will Let You Chat With Celebrities  

July 4, 2024
Google’s AI Chatbot

Google is reportedly working on an AI chatbot that will give you the experience of chatting with your favorite celebrities and influencers. The Information shared that Google will be developing these chatbots in an attempt to foster companionship with an AI chatbot rather than limiting your interactions with them to mere question-answer sessions. The Chatbot will be powered by Google Gemini, but it is unclear whether it will use the Gemini 1.5 pro model or the Gemini 1.0 model.

One distinctive feature of these chatbots is that they are set to be modeled after celebrities and influencers. The report hints that Google might partner with social media personalities to develop chatbots based on them. The company has also included features where users can create their own AI chatbots by describing a character they would like to chat with.

Now, the concept itself is not new. Meta has previously partnered with several well-known celebrities and social media influencers like Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dogg, MrBeast, etc to release AI characters inspired by them on the Messenger app. Meta described the feature by saying that it “partnered with cultural icons and creators to play and embody some of these AIs, [so] the content you see of a celebrity is actually the celebrity playing a character.” is another platform that developed character-based AI chatbots where users can add a text prompt that describes the character and their personality to create AI bots. Users can use the platform to communicate with characters like Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Tony Stark, and more.

We might not see Google’s project until next year as it is still in the planning phase. When it does launch, it will most likely start out on Google Labs, the company’s testing grounds for new concepts. It has been reported that the company is also considering the possibility of eventually integrating the chatbot into YouTube. 

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