Google Classroom Will Assist Teachers in Tracking Student Progress Using Practice Sets

March 18, 2022
Google Classroom
Google Classroom

Students who use Google Classroom won’t have to wait until the end of the semester to find out how well they understand a topic. Google has teased a forthcoming “practice sets” feature in Classroom that would allow teachers to track student progress through automatically graded assignments. Pupils may view real-time feedback on their responses and request suggestions via explainers and videos. Meanwhile, teachers will be aware of which kids are suffering from a particular issue.

Google is presently testing Classroom practice sets with a few schools and aims to release a beta version in the “coming months.” They will be available to both instructors who have purchased the Teaching and Learning Upgrade and schools that have purchased Google Workspace for Education Plus. The firm is urging potential early adopters to sign up for the beta.

The practice option in Classroom is not always beneficial. After all, not every exercise can be accommodated by a web form. When data is useful, though, it might help teachers spend more attention on specific pupils or focus instructional time on problems that impede the class as a whole. Children will ideally be well-prepared for assessments, while instructors will be able to fine-tune their courses.

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