Google Claims That Chrome Is Becoming Less Of A Battery And Memory Eater

December 12, 2022
Google Claims Chrome Now Uses Less Battery And Memory
Google Claims Chrome Now Uses Less Battery And Memory

Google is releasing two new Chrome modes that are intended to reduce the browser’s impact on your system’s battery and memory. It claims that the Memory Saver option would lower Chrome’s memory use by up to 30% on desktop. The mode clears RAM from open tabs that aren’t being used. According to Google, this will help you have a more fluid experience on active tabs. When you return to an inactive tab, Chrome will refresh it.

Battery Saver mode, according to Google, might activate when you’re using the browser and your device’s battery level lowers below 20%.Chrome will then minimise background activity and visual effects on tabs that contain movies and animations in order to keep your device operating longer.

These features will be included in the m108 Chrome for desktop release. Google said all users will have access to them in the coming weeks and that the build is being sent out today. You’ll be able to disable these modes in the settings and exclude specific websites from Memory Saver.

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