Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Society

December 8, 2022
Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Society
Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Society

AI or Artificial Intelligence has already mutated the way we live. It enhances the quality of our everyday life by doing routine and even complicated tasks better than humans can do. AI makes life uncomplicated, secure and more efficient. The positive aspects of AI are always there but there are also challenges that we may face because technology is changing the society we live in.

Let us explore the challenges and impacts of Artificial Intelligence on society:

Challenges to Confront 

  • Our workforce is evolving because of Artificial Intelligence but this is resulting in unemployment, as we are losing jobs to machines. The challenge for us is to find our passion with new responsibilities that require our uniquely human abilities.
  • A lot of questions eat up our mind: Will machines become super-smart, and will humans eventually lose control? There are always unforeseen consequences when modern technology is introduced. Those unintended outcomes of Artificial Intelligence will challenge us all.
  • Another issue that we face is ensuring that AI does not become so proficient at doing the job it was designed to do that it crosses over ethical or legal boundaries. Yes, to benefit humanity is the original purpose and aim of AI, but if it chooses to go about achieving its desired goal in a destructive yet effective manner, it will only negatively impact society. The construction of AI algorithms must be in such a way as to align with the overarching goals of humans.
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms are powered by data. The future of our privacy is at risk as more and more data is collected about every single minute of every person’s day. In China, there is the social credit system, where businesses and governments decide to make decisions based on the intelligence they gather about you, but when this becomes normalised in the society it could lead to social oppression.

Favourable Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Society

  • Artificial intelligence can severely improve the efficiency of our workplaces and can be a supplement to the work that humans do. AI frees up the human workforce, to do work they are better equipped for; tasks that involve creativity and empathy among others by taking up dangerous or repetitive tasks. When people do work that is more engaging to them, their productivity levels will increase.
  • Even healthcare can be dramatically influenced by AI with better monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. Improved operations of healthcare facilities and medical organisations by AI can reduce operating costs and money. Personalised treatment plans and drug protocols as well as giving providers better access to information across medical facilities are the potentials of AI in this field.
  • Just by the introduction of autonomous transportation, our society will gain countless hours of productivity. AI also influences our traffic congestion issues, and not to mention the other ways it will improve job productivity. 
  • How we uncover criminal activity and resolve crimes will be enhanced with AI. Facial recognition technology is used nowadays, just as frequently as fingerprints. Using AI in the justice system provides opportunities to figure out how we will constructively use the technology without crossing an individual’s privacy. 

Wrapping Up

Your life will be significantly impacted by artificial intelligence unless you choose to live isolated, never interacting with the modern world. Although there will be many learning experiences and challenges to be faced as the technology rolls out into new applications, the general anticipation is that Artificial Intelligence will have a more positive impact than a negative impact on society.

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