DuckDuckGo’s “AI Chat” to Give Anonymous Access to Popular Chatbots

June 22, 2024
DuckDuckGo AI Chat
DuckDuckGo  AI Chat

DuckDuckGo, the company known for its privacy-focused browser, has rolled out a feature called AI Chat that lets you use some of the most advanced large language models anonymously. The chatbots that can be accessed with this service are OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 Turbo, Anthropic’s Claude 3 Haiku, Mixtra 8x7B, and Meta’s Llama 3

“We view AI Chat and search as two different but powerful tools to help you find what you’re looking for – especially when you’re exploring a new topic,” the company has stated in a blog post.

Users can find the tool at It is completely free as of now and comes with a daily usage limit. Because conversations on this platform are assured to be anonymous and untraceable (users’ IPs get replaced with DuckDuckGo’s), the service’s privacy-focused approach is its main selling point. Using the tool thus prevents these chatbots from using your data to train  AI models.

It should also be mentioned that DuckDuckGo itself does not save or store any of its user’s chats, apart from temporarily saving them from time to time to respond with answers and ensure that its systems are functioning properly.  “..but there’s no way for them to tie chats back to you, personally, since all metadata is removed,” the company assures users.

When talking about what the new feature brings to the table, DuckDuckGo states, “Our mission is to show the world that protecting your privacy online can be easy. We believe people should be able to use the Internet and other digital tools without feeling like they need to sacrifice their privacy in the process. So, we meet people where they are, developing products that add a layer of privacy to the everyday things they do online. That’s been our approach across the board – first with search, then browsing, email, and now with generative AI via AI Chat.”

The DuckDuckGo AI chats can also be disabled if necessary. According to the company, additional browser entry points and chat models are in the works. The company has also shared that it is looking into releasing paid plans that will provide higher access limits and even more advanced chatbots.

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