Apple Is Reportedly Partnering With OpenAI to Power the AI on iOS 18

June 22, 2024
OpenAI to Power the AI on iOS 18
OpenAI to Power the AI on iOS 18

Apple is reportedly finalizing a deal with OpenAI to bring AI features to iOS 18. Apple had been considering both Google and OpenAI as AI partners to power the new iPhones. Now, Bloomberg has reported that  OpenAI has made the cut.

“In the end, Apple may offer a number of third-party chatbots, but it’s negotiating the deals on a case-by-case basis,” the report states. According to the report, Apple chose the ChatGPT maker as its first partner because it received better business terms than what Google was offering. Apple allegedly thinks that OpenAI has the best technology on the market. 

The company’s reputation could have also played a role. “Integrating Google AI into the iPhone also might have given the impression that Apple’s biggest technology rival had beat it in a vital new area,” the report reads. However, we have to keep in mind that as mentioned above, the negotiations are taking place on a case-by-case basis and we may see multiple third-party chatbots on Apple devices. 

With iOS 18, Siri will be enhanced through Apple’s internal LLM work, allowing the virtual assistant to operate on-device and control specific app features for the first time. Cloud servers are likely going to be necessary for more sophisticated AI functions, which is where OpenAI’s technology will come in handy. However, as Apple is actively working on developing its own generative AI technology, this partnership appears to be a stopgap measure.

As long as the partnership exists, it will be mutually beneficial for both Apple and OpenAI. OpenAI will be able to access millions of iPhone and iPad devices and Apple will be able to provide AI features equivalent to those of its rivals. Given Apple’s nature, users can also be assured that security and privacy issues associated with ChatGPT are taken care of. The tech giant has decided to not make the chatGPT integration a default feature on iPhones. Apple promised not to impose the feature on anyone, so users will need to specifically opt-in, as it will be turned off by default.

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