Another Layer of Testing for Chrome Updates Gets Added up by Google

December 26, 2022
Another Layer of Testing for Chrome Updates Gets Added up by Google
Another Layer of Testing for Chrome Updates Gets Added up by Google

Google is coming up with new updates to ensure a smooth and efficient run of all its applications. Their updates are likely noticeable to its users. Every update helps it to stay ahead of other counterparts.

Recently they announced something new for chrome through a blog post. As per The Verge, the company announced that Google is changing the release cycle for its Chrome web browser.

It states that it will be adding a new early preview of updates available. The testing will be via the Stable channel for a small set of users starting in February 2023. This early stable release will be available one week before the scheduled one. This will allow Google to handle any reported issues. That too before rolling out updates to the wider public.

Recently, Chrome’s release cycle pushes updates first to the Google Chrome Canary channel. It is an experimental version of the browser used for testing unstable code. Then to the Dev, Beta, and Stable channels respectively. The latest early stable release lies between the Beta channel testing and the final stable release. This aims to unveil issues that slipped through other testing phases.

Google Chrome v110 will be the first version of the browser to follow the latest release schedule. Chrome v110 is already to be had in each Canary and Dev channel. On January 12th, 2023 it will get released for Beta before pushing to the early stable version on February 1st. February 1st was the original stable release date. Now, the scheduled full stable release for Chrome v110 is for February 7th, 2023.

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