Announcement by Google: Testing End-to-end Encryption for Group Chats in the Messages App

December 6, 2022
End-to-end Encryption for Group Chats in Google Messages App
End-to-end Encryption for Group Chats in Google Messages App

Google has declared recently that it is testing end-to-end encryption for Rich Communication Services (RCS) based group chats on its messages app. Any person or a third party or even the message delivery server will not be able to read end-to-end encrypted messages because they do not have the key. Encryption converts data into a scrambled text. This unreadable text can only be decoded with a secret key. 

Google says that the feature will be “available to some users in the open beta program over the coming weeks,” so it may be a moment before it is principally available. It has been a while since Google’s messaging app has supported encryptions for one-on-one conversation but now you can be confident enough that most of your conversations cannot be read by carriers or Google. Google was testing end-to-end encryption for group chats in October. Now, with the company’s latest announcement this has become official. 

It is officially proclaimed by Google that it is working on a feature that will let the user employ any emoji when reacting to an RCS message; the company was spotted testing this feature the previous month. 

Rich Communication Services or RCS is an inflated messaging experience for Android devices. This next generation SMS protocol is championed by GSMA, Google, Android, Samsung, and many other carriers and mobile phone companies except for Apple. According to Google’s recent post, since Apple refuses to adopt RCS, the iPhone users’ texting is stuck in the 1990s.  RCS has diverse chat features which includes, phone and computer texting, read receipts, typing indicator, better group chats, large file transfers, high resolution photo and file sharing (up to 1000 MB), video calls, location sharing, and Google Assistant integration.

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