Amazon’s New AI Chatbot Aims To Compete With ChatGPT

July 10, 2024
Amazon AI Chatbot

According to Business Insider, Amazon is supposedly developing a new chatbot code-named “Metis.” The chatbot, which is currently in the works, will be able to carry out every general activity associated with generative AI, according to the report. It is also being speculated that Metis is being launched as a competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

It is capable of carrying out text-based operations including interacting, responding to inquiries, and generating content. According to the report, it can also produce visuals. This implies that Metis will use a multimodal AI model. Interestingly, ChatGPT isn’t able to produce images, and users have to use Dall-E via ChatGPt for image generation purposes.

It stated that Olympus, Amazon’s own AI model, will power the Metis chatbot. It is claimed to be more sophisticated than the Titan large language model (LLM), which currently powers a few Amazon products.

It has been stated that Amazon wants to employ an approach called retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) with Metis. In essence, RAG enables systems to retrieve data from sources such as document repositories and APIs. Without requiring a model to be retrained, this data can be updated independently, giving it access to the most current information and perhaps leading to more precise, clear answers.

According to Amazon, it “redirects the LLM to retrieve relevant information from authoritative, pre-determined knowledge sources. Organizations have greater control over the generated text output, and users gain insights into how the LLM generates the response.”

Metis is expected to be released by Amazon in September, which is also when the company usually hosts its product launch event. However, there seem to be lingering concerns about whether Metis will be able to survive in the Industry dominated by powerful players like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini.

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