Adobe Welcomes AI-Generated Stock Art, But There Are Caveats

December 6, 2022
Adobe Welcomes AI-Generated Stock Art, With Caveats
Adobe Welcomes AI-Generated Stock Art, With Caveats

Adobe is the most recent stock picture company to take a stand against AI-generated art. The company’s standards have been amended to enable generative AI artwork on its stock picture service as long as certain requirements are met. Contributors must name any AI-generated content, and they must get permission for any reference pictures or text prompts used to create the art. Releases will also be required for any content featuring identifiable persons.

The new policy also cautions creators against abusing AI by submitting several photos in response to the same question. They cannot employ deceptive, repeated, or ambiguous descriptions, and their creations must be submitted as illustrations (not photographs), even if photorealistic. Adobe, like with conventional photos, provides indemnity in the event of an intellectual property issue. If you unintentionally utilize things that infringe on the rights of others, you should not be in big trouble.

Adobe is effectively attempting to strike a balance between embracing new technologies and avoiding difficulties with copyright. Other stock picture companies have adopted very disparate tactics. Getty Photos has prohibited AI-generated photography due to worries about human rights, but Shutterstock has partnered with DALL-E inventor OpenAI to offer algorithm-based images. In some circumstances, tool makers have avoided becoming involved in the argument; for example, Google will not make Imagen available to the public until it feels there is a “responsible” method to do so.

This decision may not result in a flood of AI-created images for your next presentation or website. It may, however, be useful if you want to use unconventional content without fear of unforeseen litigation or licensing payments. Adobe’s approach, if nothing else, may promote acceptance of AI stock art by making it more widely available.

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